Watch: Tom Holland Is Totally Unrecognizable In First Cherry Trailer


2020 was certainly a mixed year for Tom Holland. Things got off to a bad start as he lent his voice to the disaster that was Dolittle, before redeeming himself thanks to another vocal performance shortly after, although Pixar’s Onward also suffered from poor box office returns. But at least in that case, you could blame COVID-19. The movie itself was actually pretty decent.

From there, we then got some of the actor’s strongest work yet in Netflix’s The Devil All the Time, which saw him score rave reviews from critics and subscribers And now, as we head into 2021, he’s getting ready for a big 12 months.

Let’s just ignore troubled YA adaptation Chaos Walking for a second, which is most likely going to bomb. Aside from that, he’s got mega budget blockbusters Uncharted and Spider-Man 3 coming down the pipeline, while he’ll also star in semi-biographical thriller Cherry, which is the first directorial effort from Anthony and Joe Russo since they left the MCU.

Already, it’s being touted as a potential awards contender, with Holland’s performance in particular said to be spectacular. And thanks to the trailer up above, you can now get a look at him in action.

Though this is just a tease of what’s to come, Cherry already seems like something truly special. Holland is pretty much unrecognizable in the lead role and he could indeed stand a shot at walking away with a few statues comes awards season next year. If nothing else, it’s yet another example of how much range the actor has and proves that he can do more than just swing around in spandex and drop witty one-liners.

Plot-wise, Cherry follows an army medic who suffers from PTSD and turns to bank robbing to feed his drug addiction. It’s weighty material, no doubt, but exactly the kind of movie that can really show us what Holland’s capable of. Look for it in theaters on February 26th before it hits Apple TV+ on March 12th.