Watch The First Trailer For The World’s End

world's end

The last bite of Edgar Wright’s The Cornetto Trilogy is just around the corner. and soon to be dribbling down our collective cinematic cheeks. The World’s End will soon be unleashed in cinemas worldwide and luckily the film’s first trailer has arrived for your viewing pleasure!

The World’s End is set 20 years after an unsuccessful attempt at a legendary pub crawl by five childhood friends. Determined to finish what they started, Gary King (Simon Pegg) rouses his friends and convinces them to return to their hometown to reach the much-fabled pub, The World’s End. The further they venture, the more they realise that The World’s End is an all-too-fitting name for their destination.

Coming in at just under two minutes, the first trailer is in essence a short reminder of why British comedy (and British cinema) has still got shedloads to offer. Pegg’s  Gary King is that rare beast it seems only Pegg can capture. He tells shitty jokes and obvious innuendos and his delivery nails it. We get a good introduction to all of the major players in the crew: Martin Freeman, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine and Eddie Marsan. The delightful Rosamund Pike rounds out the team as the local girl who fills in the lads on…well, what’s so bloody weird about their hometown now.

Making the tiniest of cameos in the trailer are Reece Shearsmith and Mark Heap. Fans of Pegg and Frost will recognise them immediately.

Much like Shaun and Fuzz, The World’s End as evidenced in this short trailer has nabbed all the choicest cuts of genre films and sandwiched them together with humour. There’s of course the obligatory fence gag too, which is still funny. Check it out for yourself below.

From director Wright and stalwart comedy thesps Pegg and Frost, The World’s End marks the closing chapter in their loose trilogy. Zombie rom-com with a difference, Shaun Of The Dead kicked off the series back in 2004 to huge success. Hot Fuzz followed in 2007, and now nearly ten years later the last segment of the Cornetto has arrived.

The World’s End opens in UK cinemas on July 19th, and in the US on August 23rd.