Watch: Train To Busan Trailer Teases New Extended Version

Train to busan

Train to Busan was the best and most successful South Korean zombie movie, not to mention one of the greatest zombie films ever made, so a sequel was always going to happen. Now, as Train to Busan: Peninsula approaches its release, a new trailer for it predecessor has dropped online that offers up a little surprise.

Perfectly capturing the fear, confusion and unforgiving intensity of a post-apocalyptic wasteland ravaged by roving bands of bloodthirsty zombies that made the movie such a smash hit, this preview reveals that we’ll be getting a new extended version of Train to Busan, ahead of its sequel hitting theaters. It’ll include extra footage and Well Go USA will be releasing it this summer, on July 1st.

What exactly this new footage will include, we don’t yet know, but it’ll apparently “offer clues and secrets that tie directly into Peninsula,” and how exciting is that?

As for the aforementioned follow-up, we know that Peninsula won’t be a direct sequel to the first outing. The setting is the same, though, and will likely continue the themes of stratified society that we saw so prevalently in Train to Busan. It’s kind of like George Romero’s Dead movies in that none of them had the same characters, but they all took place in the same increasingly ravaged world.

Unfortunately, there’s no word as of yet on when we may see Train to Busan: Peninsula stateside, but it’s pencilled in for a summer release overseas and if theaters open up here in the near future, it’ll probably make its way to North America shortly after. Watch this space for more and feel free to drop a comment down below letting us know what you’re hoping to see from the extended version of the original.