Watch: Venom: Let There Be Carnage Clip Reveals The Villain’s Transformation


Last week, Sony officially designated Sept. 27 as Venom Day, so we’ve been expecting some new teasers, clips and information surrounding the hotly-anticipated superhero sequel Let There Be Carnage, which comes to theaters on Friday. The studio has already delivered, showcasing a new video that reveals Cletus Kasady’s first transformation into the symbiotic villain.

The first half of the clip is exactly the same as every other depiction of a death row inmate you’ve seen on film, with insert shots showing the chemicals being pumped into Kasady’s body as the somber crowd watches on. Of course, the serial killer has an alien parasite lurking within, so it isn’t long before things get flipped upside down.

Carnage roaring as he gains life for the first time is an exciting thing to see, especially when fans have been waiting years, if not decades, to see the fan-favorite comic book character brought into live-action. Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock certainly has his work cut out, with his arch-nemesis more than a match for Venom on a physical level, while Woody Harrelson is poised to bring the crazy to his performance.

Let There Be Carnage is on track to become one of the pandemic’s biggest box office hits, and there’s still an awful lot of Venom Day to go so we could be seeing much more from the movie before the day is over.