‘Wayne’s World’ director would love to see a 3rd movie

wayne's world

It’s been almost 30 years since we last partied on with Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar on the big screen, but people are still quoting lines from the two Wayne’s World movies on a regular basis, which just goes to show the impact the Saturday Night Live spinoff has had on the last three decades of pop culture.

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reunited for an Uber Eats commercial last year, and given how much modern Hollywood has relied on the warm, fuzzy, and rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia, it came as a surprise that we weren’t bombarded with rumors claiming a third feature-length installment was in the works after it had aired, like we were for the Edward Scissorhands sequel promo starring Timothee Chalamet.

Myers has hardly been seen on our screens at all for close to fifteen years, and when he does show up he tends to be buried under prosthetic makeup, so the chances of a Wayne’s World 3 look very slim indeed. However, original director Penelope Spheeris revealed in an interview with MovieWeb that she’d love to see it happen, if only to see how out of place the title heroes would look in today’s society.

“I would love to see Wayne and Garth get old and have them still be as carefree and fun-loving as they were in the first movie… can you imagine how stupid they would look? If they were that old and acting like that? It would be great. If you stop and look at it. If you stop and examine it.”

wayne's world

Wayne’s World 3 appears to be nothing more than a pipe-dream for the foreseeable future, then, but maybe we’ll get the dynamic duo popping up from time to time in more commercials, given how well fans reacted to the first one.

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