WB Reportedly Doesn’t Want Fans To Know Zack Snyder’s Justice League Was A Success

Justice League

One of the stranger subplots to follow in the wake of Zack Snyder’s Justice League was the notion that Warner Bros. were doing everything they could to downplay the movie’s success in the hopes of quietening down the fanbase, who were demanding sequels from almost the second it premiered on HBO Max.

If the studio didn’t want SnyderVerse supporters to make noise, then surely they just wouldn’t have bothered spending an additional $70 million on a project that had already set them back close to half a billion dollars in production costs and marketing, only to see it fail to turn a single penny of profit. Essentially, the Snyder Cut was a gimmick designed to drive up interest and subscriber numbers for HBO Max, and in that regard, it definitely worked.

Third party aggregator Samba TV, pretty much the only source for any sort of viewership data for HBO Max, recently calculated that the four-hour version of Justice League had been watched 3.7 million times in its first 39 days, which is a solid number. However, tipster Mikey Sutton maintains that the studio aren’t revealing any concrete figures in an effort to try and stop #RestoreTheSnyderVerse campaigners from claiming another victory as the mythology pivots towards J.J. Abrams and the multiverse instead.

“Warner Bros., as I have been consistently told, doesn’t want Snyder’s followers to know that it blew up on HBO Max,” he says.

Of course, HBO Max has never released official data for any of its highest profile originals or exclusives, so it’s not as if the Snyder Cut is being singled out and ignored, but it does suit a certain narrative. As always with WB and the DCEU, the truth most likely lies somewhere in the middle, with the boardroom probably severely underestimating how popular the brand new Justice League would be, and it arrived at exactly the wrong time for the franchise to change tracks once again and move away from the SnyderVerse.