WB Reportedly Developing 3 Mortal Kombat Spinoffs

Mortal Kombat

The upcoming return of Mortal Kombat to the big screen won’t just be a one-and-done affair, it seems.

Whether any future live-action adventures set in NetherRealm’s beloved fighting game franchise ever materialize no doubt hinges on how successful (or not) director Simon McQuoid’s adaptation proves to be, of course, but it would seem that Warner Bros. is quietly confident about having a box office winner on its hands. It’s worth noting that McQuoid has already touched on the topic of direct sequels to this year’s reboot and while that will no doubt remain a top priority, WGTC has learned that a number of spinoffs are also in early development.

While little is known at this stage, we’re told by our sources – the same ones who said HBO Max was developing a Green Lantern show before it was announced – that these will be more personal, focused affairs centered around an individual character from Mortal Kombat‘s extensive roster. Poster boy Scorpion, as well as Earthrealm heroes Sonya Blade and Kung Lao, are the three names so far put forward as candidates for their own spinoffs, and one can only presume that list will continue to extend if all goes well.

As always, it’s worth noting that the rapidly changing nature of film production – especially when the cameras have yet to roll – means these plans could ultimately amount to nothing and several yet-to-be-determined variables may ultimately see WB executives decide not to pursue the idea any further. An outcome we certainly hope won’t be the case.

Regardless, we expect to get a clearer idea of the situation in the weeks and months following Mortal Kombat‘s long-awaited opening on April 23rd, but until then, let us know which character you’d most like to see receive their own movie in the usual place below!