WB Reportedly Plans To Bring Back Will Smith’s Deadshot For Movie Or Show


David Ayer’s Suicide Squad may not have turned out the way the filmmaker, the fans or the studio were expecting, but most people seem to be in agreement that Will Smith’s Deadshot was one of the troubled production’s few redeeming qualities. Admittedly, he wasn’t given a great deal to do other than turn on the movie star charm that comes so naturally, but as one of the most charismatic and watchable names in the business, that’s all he needs.

Any studio would no doubt love the chance to have one of the biggest box office draws in history play a major part in their franchise, but despite Smith confirming back in 2018 that a Deadshot solo adventure was in the works, the former Fresh Prince is a very notable absentee from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Idris Elba was initially announced to be replacing him, but that particular idea was soon nixed and the Luther star was instead cast as Bloodsport, presumably so that the studio can keep Smith’s Deadshot in their back pocket until they work out a deal for him to return to the fold. Which is exactly what insider Daniel Richtman is claiming is the plan.

File this one under the ‘no-brainer’ category, but Warner Bros. are said to be keen on having Deadshot return to the DCEU at some point in the future for a movie or show. Will Smith has never outright confirmed or denied that he’s no longer part of the shared universe, and with The Suicide Squad acting as a soft reboot of the first installment, it certainly wouldn’t be too difficult to write him back in for a potential third outing for the dysfunctional team or even have him make a grand return to headline a superhero blockbuster of his own.