WB Reportedly Has Plans To Introduce A Black Wonder Woman Into The DCEU


Gal Gadot’s played Diana Prince for three movies already, but the DCEU has still only scratched the surface of the wide Wonder Woman mythos from the comics. The upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 should go someway to deepening it, with two classic foes – Cheetah and Maxwell Lord – making their cinematic debuts, but there still remains a lot of other key characters to introduce in the future. Like Nubia, for example, the second Wonder Woman.

In fact, according to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who said Diana will wear her Golden Eagle armor in WW84 and the Guardians are set to cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder, both of which are now confirmed – the studio fully intends to introduce the aforementioned heroine at some point. It’s currently unclear exactly when, but Wonder Woman 3 is a possibility we’ve heard, with word that she could also lead her own HBO Max TV show.

Traditionally speaking, Nubia is Diana’s twin sister, likewise created from clay by Hippolyta. However, whereas Diana was raised by her mother on Themyscira with the Amazons, Nubia was abducted by Mars, the God of War, and lived on the Floating Island, populated entirely by men. The sisters later reunited, however, initially as enemies but then as allies. Created in 1973, Nubia is often described as DC’s first ever black heroine.

She’s never been brought to live-action before, though, something which is long overdue. Whether she ends up in WW3 or her own series, we’ll have to wait and see, but either option would work. As we saw with Thor: Ragnarok, dropping a surprise secret sibling into the mix always livens up a threequel. But then again, a Nubia show would be a big deal, too. We’re still waiting on the DCEU’s Black Panther – a project featuring an African-American lead – after all.

Tell us, though, would you like to see Nubia show up as the next Wonder Woman in the franchise? Sound off in the comments down below and give us your thoughts.