WB Rumored To Be Seeking Big Name To Play Cheetah In Wonder Woman 2


After the first Wonder Woman flick cleaned up at the box office, it was only expected that a sequel be imminent. And most fortunate for moviegoers and the film franchise itself is that the character does indeed have decently rich rogues gallery to mine for future installments, thus alleviating any pressure to desperately search for a villain, as is sometimes the case for pictures of this sort.

Already, rumors have emerged saying that Circe will serve as the chief antagonist in the highly anticipated follow-up, but I’m actually lukewarm to the idea of her inclusion, something that I’ll elaborate on momentarily. Personally, I was hoping for someone like Cheetah, who’s actually named outright in the latest chatter.

According to the folks over at That Hashtag Show, Warner Bros. are seeking out a big name to play Barbara Minerva and her animalistic alter ego, with Emma Stone supposedly already having been courted. Unfortunately, though, sources say she’ll probably be passing on the role and WB’s still searching for someone to take the part.

Wonder Woman Cheetah

Still, the incorporation of Cheetah will yield a markedly different film, as I alluded to earlier. With Diana already having dealt with a god in Ares, her sometimes frenemy in Minerva would allow for the sequel to very much be a different beast. Not only that, but it’d give Wondy a chance to further showcase her compassionate side as she attempts to pull Barbara back from the abyss, something we saw in Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp’s recent comic book run.

In addition to Cheetah, the report also states that Chris Pine, Ewen Bremner and Said Taghmaoiu are said to once again star alongside Gal Gadot. Cool as that sounds, Pine’s Steve Trevor is dead, and if indeed the film takes place during the 1980’s, we’re wondering why Diana will be fighting side-by-side with old guys. In other words, our best guess it that this installment will take place in an earlier decade, or that a different supporting cast will be enlisted.

Wonder Woman 2 is set to being production in late May, with its theatrical release coming on November 1st, 2019.