WB Searching For A Female Director To Helm Supergirl Movie


Like some of you reading this, I was surprised to learn last week that Warner Bros. are looking to develop a Supergirl movie, primarily due to the fact that the character also headlines a TV show that’s about to begin its fourth season. Then again, if the film and television divisions can lay claim to their own distinct versions of the Flash and Superman, then I guess we can have two Kara Zor-Els coexisting.

Of course, it’s all but assured that the small screen’s Melissa Benoist won’t be pulling double duty by playing the Maiden of Might in the feature film, so expect to see another actress donning the red and blue attire. But before we find out who’ll be cast, odds are that a director will first be attached to the picture.

Speaking of which, Deadline has learned that the studio is in search of a female to helm the project, perhaps in an effort to replicate Patty Jenkins’ success with Wonder Woman – and to add more diversity to the DC on film brand.

As it turns out, WB sees strong female heroes as being a different sort of way to open up this pantheon, which is not far-fetched in the slightest. After all, DC’s home to a variety of rich characters such as Batgirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, so there’s lots of potential to be tapped.

Though some may argue that hiring a female director is obligatory or forced, it stands to reason that while such a decision wouldn’t make Supergirl any better or worse of a movie, it adds a measure of authenticity to the material. Whereas Jenkins may have been a lifelong fan of Wonder Woman herself, thus assuring her film’s quality, she’s able to examine the icon from a perspective that a man simply can’t. Similarly, there has to be someone out there who can apply that touch to the Girl of Steel once the time comes.