WB “Unveils” Justice League’s Batmobile At San Diego Comic-Con


By now, we’re pretty sure that there’s some kind of law put in place mandating that if Batman appears in any kind of live action movie, the Batmobile had better be in tow. And, having already been seen it in both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, it should come as no surprise that the Dark Knight is bringing his latest set of wheels along for Justice League.

To date, we’ve gotten quick glimpses of the iconic vehicle, but most came courtesy of the film’s first trailer that debuted a few months back or by way of the official toy line. So, until you can get your hands on a collectible and examine it from a variety of angles, you’ll have to settle for whatever the studio gives you – and thankfully, we have this new video below to feast on, straight from Comic-Con.

Admittedly, it’s pretty much the same Batmobile from BvS, only with some serious augmentations thereby allowing the Dark Knight to better combat the forces of Apokolips. That said, I’m left perplexed by the need for a David Copperfield-esque unveiling at Comic-Con – especially since we already know what the car looks like – but who doesn’t want to gawk at that baby?

As it so happened, Fandango was represented at the event, and decided to let us all share in the moment via their official Twitter page. In addition to the video, they’ve offered multiple angles lending various perspectives on Batfleck’s improved ride. Needless to say, this coupled with having the team’s costumes on full display has left us champing at the bit for the next Justice League trailer that’s said to drop on Saturday.

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