Constantine Reboot Is Reportedly Bringing Back A Familiar DC Villain

Keanu Reeves Constantine

It may have been nearly fifteen years since Constantine hit theaters, but the comic book adaptation has retained a cult following ever since, with fans hoping that we might eventually get a sequel. The Keanu Reeves-led flick did solid if unspectacular business at the box office, earning $230 million against a $100 million budget, and despite generally mixed reviews, there’s no denying that an occult-based detective story with noir elements is a unique and interesting premise for a studio blockbuster.

Reeves has never been shy in admitting that he’d jump at the chance to play the character again, and with the actor reportedly caught in the middle of a constant bidding war between Marvel and DC with what is essentially an open offer to join either comic book franchise, the prospect of a Constantine sequel has started gathering some steam in recent months.

In fact, we reported recently that there were early talks happening behind the scenes at Warner Bros. about a soft reboot for the property, with Reeves involved, and now we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones who said Transformers is being rebooted and Viola Davis was returning for The Suicide Squad, both of which have since been confirmed – that the studio also want to bring back a familiar DCEU villain for the proposed sequel.

According to our intel, the Flash’s eventual solo outing will tackle the Flashpoint arc and as we previously revealed, it will alter the entire timeline and history of the DCEU. This is said to lead to Enchantress surviving the events of Suicide Squad, with Constantine set to battle perhaps the most powerful occult villain in DC’s rogues’ gallery.

Of course, everybody wants Keanu Reeves to be part of their franchise these days, and it would be an easy route to simply have him reprise a role he’s already played under the DC banner. But if Enchantress does turn out to be one of Constantine‘s big bads, hopefully they decide to recast the part, because most people are in agreement that Cara Delevingne’s performance in Suicide Squad was nothing short of terrible.