The Amazing Spider-Man Cast Dish On The Film In A New Interview

After an interview with NY Daily News, we now have some more information on the production of The Amazing Spider-Manincluding the reason why the series was rebooted in the first place. Talking with the cast and crew of the film, the interview provides a nice, insightful look at the upcoming blockbuster, which is highly anticipated.

Check out some choice quotes below and be sure to check out the full interview when you get a chance.

When Andrew Garfield got the role as the web slinger in The Amazing Spider-Man, he was extremely happy to fulfill his life long dream. Although his spirits were high, at some points he was suffocated by the Spider-Man mask, literally.

“I had to get wet, and I just kind of dove in and didn’t realize that water on the mask made it impossible to breathe,” Garfield, 28, told the Daily News recently in the safety of a nice, dry downtown Manhattan hotel room. “So I was kind of, like, suffocating,” he says, getting wide-eyed and wheezing to act out the scene. “I couldn’t get any oxygen! I water-boarded myself.”

Martin Sheen, who plays Uncle Ben, went on to say a little bit about Garfield’s work and how he handled the more heavy and emotional scenes.

 “He had to do some very heavy emotional work, and boy, the set was on fire when he went to those places,”

Columbia Pictures/Sony is taking a big chance in making the reboot so soon after Sam Raimi’s original. The series wasn’t overly flawed, and on top of that the films did gross about $2.5 billion worldwide. There was even a Spider-Man 4 in the works. So why is the story already being re-done?

“There was a lot of good plot, there were a lot of twists, but you couldn’t answer the question we had asked for 12 years, which was, ‘What’s Peter feeling ?’” says “Amazing Spider-Man” producer Matt Tolmach. “So, Sam being the incredibly elegant character he always was, said, ‘Guys, I’m done. I told this story.’“We weren’t standing at a fork in the road, we were standing in a dead end on that road,” he says. “So we turned around.”

The task of choosing an actor to play the webslinger was a daunting one and no doubt, the studio and Webb were under a ton of pressure to choose the right man for the job.

“It was terrifying,” said Webb. “Because [we] have this idea of who this character is, and [the actor] needs to have the emotional capacity to express tragedy and gravitas. He needs to be funny and sort of sarcastic. He needs to respond to the physical demands of the character, which are pretty intense. And then he has to be somebody who could be convincing playing a teenager.”

“When I saw Andrew, he was eating this cheeseburger and his elbows were flopping all over the place, and he was slumping down,” says Webb. “He just felt like a teenager.That was a tremendous relief because there was a level of certainty in that moment that it was going to be okay.”

Moreover, Emma Stone, who is playing Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy, expressed the reason why she set out for the role.

“Any story that causes people to burn their comic books and cancel their subscriptions is a story that I want to be a part of,” quips Stone. “But I thought Gwen’s story was really incredible. Who knows if it will play out in that way, but I hope it will.”

Rhys Ifans, playing the villainous Dr. Curt Conner/The Lizard, also had a couple words to share about his role.

“He’s a very human villain, even though he does become a 9-foot reptile,” says Ifans. “He isn’t your run-of-the-mill stock villain. He doesn’t want to take over the world from the beginning — he wants to benefit it.”

Be sure to check out the full interview as it’s a pretty good read. And of course, make sure to catch The Amazing Spider-Man, in theatres on July 3rd.

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