We May Have To Wait Until Justice League: Part Two To See Green Lantern

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Today, Entertainment Weekly completely blew open the floodgates on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. From a mini-review to new photos and everything in between, it’s been a non-stop assault of news on Warner Bros.’ upcoming superhero showdown.

We already know that several members of the Justice League will be showing up in Zack Snyder’s film, including the titular heroes, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash (both of whom were confirmed earlier today). However, we haven’t really heard much about Green Lantern, and that’s because the studio is saving him for further down the road.

How far down the road? Well, they may not reveal him until Justice League: Part Two, which hits in 2019. That being said, Dawn of Justice producer Charles Roven assured fans that if they’re patient, then they’ll be happy with the end result.

“[Green Lantern] is an incredible character. He’s actually multiple incredible characters. There’s real opportunity there. We didn’t do a great job on that first Green Lantern movie. This is a character who deserves to be treated in the same way that Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman are being treated now, which is with great reverence. I guess I can say to the Green Lantern fans: if they can be patient with us, I think they’ll be really happy.”

He then went onto say that they still haven’t fully worked out every “beat of the movie,” meaning that Green Lantern may not show up until his own solo film, in 2016.

“Every beat of the movie is not yet worked out,” the producer said. “So there’s the possibility that he may or may not be in Justice League 2. For now, we felt that we were introducing enough characters that the best possible place we could put Green Lantern is some introduction in Justice League 2, or barring that, a movie after.”

Obviously, Warner Bros. is trying to put significant distance between the new version of the character and the one that Ryan Reynolds played back in 2011, which is a smart move. It’s upsetting that we’ll have to wait so long to see him in action, but given how disastrous his last outing was, it makes sense that they want to take their time with him to get it right.

So, while Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may be hitting theatres in just a few weeks’ time, don’t expect to hear anything about Green Lantern for quite a while. Hopefully there will at least be a mention or reference to him in Justice League: Part One, but at this point, it doesn’t look likely.

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