We Were Digitally Robbed Of Natalie Portman In A Thong

There is only so much a man can take. First they raise taxes. Then they re-make A Nightmare on Elm Street. Now they are de-thonging Natalie Portman.

Universal Studios has apparently used some CGI magic to replace the lovely thong Natalie Portman is wearing in a scene in the recent R-rated trailer for Your Highness. It’s not like they threw some jeans on her either. All they did was replace a thong with a slightly-less-revealing bikini.

It makes me wonder what else is being done. I once heard a stat that 99% of photos in magazines and movie posters are touched-up. And I heard that in 2001. Is anything real anymore?

Your Highness, which stars Danny McBride, James Franco, and Portman looks good either way. Take a look at both trailers and see if you can spot Natalie Portman (how could you miss her?) standing by a river looking all sexy. Bikini or thong, she is smoking-hot and hell she could be dressed as a nun. Don’t get me wrong – she is an amazing actress – but if her being in a thong increases the role’s authenticity than that is all good in my books.