New Website Lets Fans Check If Spider-Man Is Back In MCU Yet


Ever since the news broke that Spider-Man is out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, outraged fans have been begging Disney and Sony to reconcile. There’s still hope that the two sides can reach a compromise and it’s even recently been reported that they may be on the verge of announcing a new deal. Everyone who loves the MCU has been checking the Internet religiously for any breaking news regarding the matter then, and now, there’s an entire website dedicated solely to answering one burning question: is Spider-Man back in the MCU yet?

Currently, the entirety of the site consists of the word “nope” above the image of Peter Parker’s web-slinging suit sitting in the trash while he walks away. Rather than scour social media every few minutes though, fans can now just refresh this page in hopes of seeing something other than this depressing photo.

Though there are plenty of reasons for audiences to get their hopes up, there are also an equal number for them to be pessimistic. According to our sources, Sony wants $10 billion for the rights to the beloved superhero. Disney is reportedly refusing to pay anywhere close to that, meaning that negotiations might not be as far along as some might think. Both studios are embroiled in another battle over the franchise’s director Jon Watts, too, further adding to the messiness of the situation.

At least now people have a website where they can go to keep track of the bottom line, though. Until that screen changes from “nope” to “yep,” however, nothing else is really that important. And while we don’t imagine we’ll be hearing anything definitive about Spider-Man‘s future anytime soon, we’ll be sure to keep you posted every step of the way as this debacle continues to play out.