The Weinsteins Push Forward On Seven Samurai Remake

Sleepy Eyes of Death 2
Screengrab via YouTube

Variety is reporting that the Weinsteins are moving ahead on their Seven Samurai remake. They’ve hired director Scott Mann to direct the film. Who you ask? Scott Mann, you know, the guy who directed The Tournament. The what you ask? Yup, that’s right. The brothers have hired some hack director to remake what is considered by most to be one of the greatest films of all time.

The $60 million project will place the story in a contemporary setting. Oh and get this, instead of samurais it will be paramilitary contractors. Excited yet? Here’s one more tidbit, John Fusco (The Forbidden KingdomYoung Guns) is penning the script. Let’s pray this one never gets off the ground.

While I think that the original film is very well made, I don’t consider it to be one of the greatest films of all time. I liked it and all but I did think it was a tad bit overrated. Still, I don’t want to see it butchered.

What do you think?