Is This When We’ll See The First Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer?


At this point, we’re probably just a few weeks away from Lucasfilm and Disney’s big reveal of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Hyped up by The Last Jedi, fans are craving a first look at Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo, not to mention a decent indication of the direction they’re going in with the film.

After all, we’ve still seen next to nothing from the spinoff and story-wise, the only thing we’ve been told is that the pic chronicles Han Solo’s journey between the ages of 16 and 24. Then again, given that Ron Howard reshot a lot more of Solo than was originally intended, it’d be wise to discard any and all story rumors you’ve heard about Lucasfilm’s second Star Wars anthology movie.

So, as we wait to learn more, the guessing game as to when the first trailer will be with us begins, and the folks over at think they might have the answer, revealing that Disney could finally let the cat out of the bag early next month. January 8th, to be exact.

Their reasoning comes from the fact that ESPN, which is owned by the Mouse House, will air the college football National Championship on that day, and often uses big sporting events to promote their upcoming movie releases. Especially the ones arriving in the spring/summer.

Of course, trailers for Infinity WarAnt-Man and the Wasp or perhaps even The Incredibles 2 are all options as well, and any one of them could easily be showcased during the big game. Given that there’s a lot of negative buzz surrounding the Star Wars Anthology pic, though, we imagine that the studio may use January 8th as a chance to finally change the public perception of it.

And that’s definitely exciting to hear, as our first real look at Solo: A Star Wars Story can’t come soon enough. Like we mentioned above, there are a lot of bad vibes around the film at the moment, due to a combination of Phil Lord and Chris Miller being sacked, the nasty rumors about the production and reports that the studio apparently has no confidence in the project and expects it to be the first ever Star Wars flop.

Of course, there’s only one way to change that narrative – a trailer that knocks our collective socks off and leaves us panting for more. Your move, Disney.

Said to be influenced by old-school Westerns and heist films, Solo: A Star Wars Story has been pitched as a space-faring caper – fitting, really, given the titular character at its core – and it’ll be with us on May 25th, 2018. Stay tuned to WGTC over the coming weeks when we’ll have full coverage of Ron Howard’s long-anticipated spinoff and, presumably, its maiden trailer.