Wesley Snipes gives it the old ‘never say never’ on ‘Blade’ comeback

Image via Marvel Entertainment

Actor Wesley Snipes arguably set the Marvel machine on the path to box office dominance with his turn in 1998’s Blade, and while a new version of the character is being developed, the 59-year-old is saying he should not be counted out of the world yet.

“Never say never. Long as I’m healthy and in shape, I can rock with them. Yeah, as far as my predictions on if something like that happened in future, I don’t know. I don’t know. It seems to me if it would’ve happened, it would’ve happened already. But hey, never say never.”

Snipes makes the comments about his potential Eric Brooks return in an article published by ComicBook.com today. In the piece, Snipes also says he has not been approached by Marvel to do a cameo in the new version with Mahershala Ali and jokes he is still working on his acting skills so Marvel can approach him when he comes up as an actor, but he may not be good as a team player.

“Maybe they’ll reach out and say, ‘let’s have a conversation,’ or maybe they don’t feel I’m ensemble player.”

The Blade reboot is reported to begin filming in July. It does not have a release date set at this time, and Snipes will appear next in Back on the Strip. His recent television work includes True Story in 2021 as Carlton and Paper Empire from 2021-22 as well. His earlier work includes Wildcats, All My Children, Major League, and a turn in The Bernie Mac Show in 2003 as Duke.