Wesley Snipes Rumored To Be Playing Dracula In Blade Reboot


The announcement that a Blade reboot is on its way in Phase 5 came as a thrilling surprise when Kevin Feige dropped that bombshell last month. But, though MCU fans are excited to see Mahershala Ali as the Daywalker, old-school Blade followers are hoping that original actor Wesley Snipes will be brought back for the reboot in some form.

This new rumor should please those fans, then, as the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel has claimed that insiders say Marvel plans to include Snipes in the film, with the star even being lined up for the part of Dracula. They believe the character will feature heavily in the plot as the movie will go “old-school” and draw from early Marvel horror comics like Tomb of Dracula, the series that introduced Blade into the MU in the 1970s.

It’s worth pointing out that We Got This Covered’s own sources have pointed to the immortal Count serving as the main villain of the Blade reboot, too, so there might be something to this. That said, we’ve also been informed that Marvel is looking for a white actor for the part. Likewise, our sources have said that the studio doesn’t want to involve Snipes due to his well-documented unprofessional attitude while making the original Blade trilogy, so it’s hard to see them giving him a meaty role like this.

That being said, Snipes does have a lot of love from the fandom, with his frequent social media posts about the character and the reboot stirring up hope that he’ll appear in the MCU. The actor has said that he’s had discussions with Marvel Studios in the past as well. Given his attachment to the role of Daywalker, however, would he be happy to play the villain this time around instead?

We’ve got a lot of time to theorize and speculate about the Blade reboot as it’s not due until 2022 at the earliest, but tell us, would you like to see Snipes as Dracula in the movie? Share your opinions in the comments section down below