Marvel Studios Eyeing White A-List Actor To Play Dracula In Blade Reboot

blade reboot

Of all the crazy announcements that came out of the Marvel Studios panel conducted at San Diego Comic-Con, I think it was the reveal of Blade being welcomed into the MCU that excited me most. After all, the character hasn’t appeared on the silver screen for a very long time, and he’s long overdue for a comeback.

For many, the icing on the cake was that Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali was cast as the Daywalker himself, so that brings definite credibility to whatever project is gestating. Not only that, but reports have surfaced saying that Spike Lee and other prominent black directors are being courted as the wheels begin turning.

Of course, this piece will require a villain because nobody wants to watch a movie detailing how Blade spends a lazy Sunday. And according to our source, Dracula himself is being discussed as the main antagonist, with Marvel Studios said to be seeking a white A-list actor for the part. This isn’t set in stone, mind you, but it’s being talked about.

Previously, Dracula had been played by Dominic Purcell in Blade Trinity, but that was in a completely different continuity. To have the MCU’s Blade battling such a famous villain right out of the gate would be huge and arguably too soon for some folks, though you have to admit it’d turn more than a few heads.

If all goes well, then maybe Blade could even one day join the Avengers on the big screen. This is wishful thinking on my part, but don’t forget, Kevin Feige says we should expect a very different lineup whenever the fifth film comes to fruition, and the comic book readers among you know that the vampire hunter joined up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes not long ago. I, for one, would like to see this translated to live action.

Right now, the Blade reboot lacks a release date, so don’t expect it sooner than 2022. But considering how they enlisted someone of Mahershala Ali’s caliber, I don’t see Marvel Studios sitting on this one for too long.