Blade Finally Joins The Avengers In Marvel Comics


Even though I’m someone who expects for certain mainstay heroes to remain on the major super teams, I do enjoy the occasional oddball additions to the lineups. In other words, I think it’s cool seeing Batwoman as a member of the Justice League, or Wolverine suiting up with the Avengers.

So, if you’re in the same boat, then you probably dig Blade joining up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Granted, this isn’t entirely new ground to be broken because the daywalker did feature prominently Mark Millar’s Ultimate Comics Avengers once upon a time ago, even if that took place in another universe.

But if you like to argue semantics and yearned for something similar in the 616, then you may want to pay attention to what Jason Aaron’s been doing lately in his run. Long story short, Avengers #10 saw Janet Van Dyne embark on a mission to liberate Blade from a Transylvanian dungeon, and now Avengers #12 contains the scene we’ve been waiting for. In fact, you can sample a panel illustrated by Ed McGuinness below.

Basically, this is in an effort to avoid collateral damage done by an impending vampire civil war. As the Shadow Colonel and those loyal to him attempt to overthrow Dracula, Avengers chairman Black Panther takes it upon himself to introduce his fellow heroes to Blade. And who better for this job than that quintessential badass?

With this statement, I’d certainly say he’s left an impression:

“What the man is trying to say is…I’m Blade. I’m the new Avenger. And we’ve all got a whole lotta vampires to kill.”

Avengers #12 is now available in comic shops. Stay tuned for more as the situation develops.

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