Wesley Snipes Shares Awesome Throwback Photo To 1998’s Blade


Before Iron Manbefore Spider-Man, and before even X-Menthere was Blade. The 1998 urban horror movie from director Stephen Norrington was the real first modern Marvel film and it’s gone on to become a cult favorite of comic book cinephiles. The same goes for 2002’s Blade II from director Guillermo Del Toro (just don’t mention 2004’s Blade: Trinity).

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the pic and, perhaps to celebrate that, star Wesley Snipes shared a throwback to production of the movie on his Twitter feed the other day. The Daywalker himself posted a photo of him blocking a punch from stunt performer/actress Eboni Adams, who he worked with on Blade.

Check it out in the gallery down below:

Snipes has continually embraced his classic Marvel role over the years, to the extent that he’s claimed that he’s had talks with the studio about resurrecting the character for a potential Blade 4. In fact, a few months back when fans got behind the idea that Star WarsJohn Boyega could play the MCU version, Snipes took to Twitter to say that “there’s only one Blade,” which just goes to show how attached to the part he is. Funnily enough, Boyega himself agrees, as he’s said that he’d like Snipes to return rather than to take his place.

But what does Marvel chief Kevin Feige say about the chances of Blade being welcomed into the MCU? Well, it turns out he’s a fan of the character, as he’s said that “we think it’d be cool” to tackle the hero “someday.” However, he’s warned fans that there’s “nothing imminent” happening on that front.

Seeing as he’s a darker character, it’s likely a Blade movie would be dependent on whether the studio ever decides to do an R-rated venture. And again, Feige’s said that’s a possibility, but just not at this stage.