WGTC’s 2014 New York Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery

Deadpool Dance Party

To fully enjoy New York City Comic-Con, you have to be ready to sacrifice a few notables that your heart might have been set on. Newly implemented this year was an extra step where panel-goers had to wait in line for a wristband just to wait in line for a damn panel, which lead to popular panels like The Walking Dead being completely booked by 11AM – despite its late afternoon start. As a journalist without reserved seating, this year was a heaping pile of suckage that I inevitably shrugged off so I could focus on my favorite Comic Con aspect – cosplay.

No matter how packed your NYCC days might be, I highly advise taking fifteen minutes or so to camp out around the main entrance point of the Javits Center and admire all the cosplayers walking in and out in full gear. While you’ll always find an endless slew of Batman look-a-likes and Wonder Woman costumes, other more veteran players put an endless stream of blood, sweat and tears into some masterful costume designs that theatrical productions should envy. I’m talking movie-quality replicas of your favorite characters from television, cinema, and gaming.

Since I had nothing better to do than walk the Con floor, I joined WGTC’s weekend photographer Liz Swezey (whose work you should check out right f#cking now and follow on Twitter) to play a real-life game of Pokemon Snap: The NYCC Cosplay Edition. Posting up Friday and Saturday, we did our best to capture some of the most interesting, jaw-dropping cosplayers for one all-encompassing gallery – but we all know that’s damn near impossible. That said, we were able to capture a variety of different cosplayers, from a caged Slender Man victim to an astounding gender-bent Mad Hatter and beyond. People’s creativity continues to blow me away, as I’m sure you’ll agree based on the cosplay gallery we’ve assembled for you.

Enjoy our cosplay report from this year’s NYCC, and be sure to let us know which one is your favorite!