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‘What Happens Later’ trailer, release date, and the cast with Meg Ryan, David Duchovny, and more

Not all rom-coms need to sport 20-something leads.

Meg Ryan and David Duchovny in 'What Happens Later'
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We’ve finally left the days of repetitive, uninteresting rom-coms behind.

Well, not entirely, of course — that section of the genre will never die — but at least there’s some competition these days. Just as Bachelor Nation finally opens its arms to lonely love seekers over the age of 30, the world of romantic comedy is as well. Shoving aside the Zendayas and Alison Bries of the world, Meg Ryan is stepping back in to take a crown she’s held for decades. After spending much of her 30s starring in some of the most popular romantic comedies of the last few decades, Ryan is returning to her roots with What Happens Later, a delightful look at romance later in life.

What Happens Later release date and trailer

Meg Ryan’s latest leap into love is expected out in just a few months, which is great news for rom-com fans, who typically see a dry spell once spooky season sets in. While the rest of us are settling in for our horror movie binges, Ryan fans will be lining up to watch What Happens Later when it releases to theaters on Oct. 13.

What Happens Later cast

Meg Ryan and David Duchovny in 'What Happens Later'
Image via Bleeker Street

Meg Ryan heads the What Happens Later lineup as the film’s dual star and director, but she’s joined by plenty of talented peers. Starring alongside Ryan as her long forgotten lover is David Duchovny, best known as Agent Mulder from The X-Files. He’s also well known for leading the cast of Californication, of course, but we sci-fi fans all know Mulder on sight. The pair of industry giants bring years of experience — and plenty of award-winning streaks — to the table for What Happens Later, mixed in with an equally talented crew.

The only actors currently attached to the film are Ryan and Duchovny, which makes sense based on the film’s premise. After all, What Happens Later follows Ryan and Duchovny’s characters, reunited after decades apart, as they await delayed departures from the airport. The film circulates quite purposefully around the love lost and found again between two people, and so two people are the sole focus of the film.

Eventually, plenty of names will join Ryan and Duchovny on the cast list, of course. There are dozens of passerby, airport staff, and other side characters that the film will inevitably include, but for the time being its zeroing in on its leads. Aiding in the film’s final product, however, are a slew of talented pros, from writers
Steven Dietz and Kirk Lynn, known for Cracker: Mind Over Murder and Rules for Werewolves, to costume designer Kiley Ogle (Weird: The Al Yankovic Story) and composer David Boman of Moonshot fame.

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