What Is Anya Taylor-Joy’s Net Worth?

Anya Taylor-Joy

If you’ve logged onto Netflix in the last year, then you’ve definitely seen her: Anya Taylor-Joy, with her big brown eyes and bob of orange hair, hovering over a chess board. The actress skyrocketed to fame after starring in The Queen’s Gambit, in which she played drug-addicted chess prodigy Beth Harmon. One Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Critics’ Choice Television Award later, Taylor-Joy is now one of the most in-demand actresses working today.

Taylor-Joy, now 25, was born in Miami but moved to Argentina with her parents and five older siblings shortly after. She was six when they relocated again, this time to London, leading Taylor-Joy to identify as a self-described “mutt.” She didn’t want to learn English as a child, but eventually relented when she began reading the Harry Potter books. What she did want was to act, and she knew she would spend her life doing so from a young age. She dropped out of school when she was 16 after enduring bullying from her classmates, but vowed to not let this stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Around that same time, Taylor-Joy was discovered by modeling scout Sarah Doukas outside a Harrods department store in London. Doukas signed her with Storm Management and soon Taylor-Joy was working as a model. On one of her shoots, she met Downton Abbey’s Allen Leech and shared with him her passion for acting. After reciting some poetry for him, Leech took her information and set up a meeting with his agent, who Taylor-Joy quickly signed with.

Unfortunately, the beginning of Taylor-Joy’s acting career was met with rejection. She lost out on the role of Angelina Jolie’s younger counterpart in Maleficent, and she was removed from the final cut of her first professional acting role in Vampire Academy. Her woes were temporary, though, as she was cast in Robert Eggers’ The Witch in 2015 and would go on to win a Gotham Independent Film Award and an Empire Award for her performance.

Taylor-Joy’s acting career exploded after The Witch’s success, and she was soon appearing in Atlantis, Split, Glass, Peaky Blinders, Emma, and The New Mutants. She was then cast in The Queen’s Gambit, which cemented her as an actress of extraordinary depth and range.

What is Anya Taylor-Joy’s net worth?

Anya Taylor Joy

Taylor-Joy’s acting and modeling profits have given her a combined net worth of $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This number might seem small given her many recent award wins, but you can expect it to grow exponentially as Taylor-Joy’s resume does. She’s set to appear in Edgar Wright’s thriller Last Night in Soho later this year and is also attached to an untitled David O. Russell project, as well as staring in the lead role for Furiosa, an origin story for Charlize Theron’s character from Mad Max: Fury Road.

Filming upwards of five new projects a year and being hailed by the Hollywood Reporter as a member of the “New Hollywood A-List,” you can expect to see Taylor-Joy’s face on TV and movie theater screens a lot more in the coming years.