What Is Dane Cook’s Net Worth?

At one time, Dane Cook was one of the most sought-after comedians of his generation. His popular, controversial style of comedy was one of the most unique approaches to stand-up, earning him enough national acclaim to rival the likes of other big-name comedians like Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle. Moreover, thanks to his impressive resume of stand-up specials and movies, Cook has managed to earn enough money to live comfortably for the remainder of his life. But how much is the comedian really worth?

Born Jeffrey Cook on March 18th, 1972, Cook began pursuing a career in stand-up and acting as early as high school, though he didn’t start performing at comedy clubs until the early ’90s. In 1994, he moved to New York to elevate his comedy career but didn’t see any progress until he moved to LA. He found success in 1998 after appearing on a random comic rotation during Comedy Central’s Premium Blend

Meanwhile, Cook auditioned for minor acting roles and landed his first few acting gigs in the films Mystery Men and Simon Sez. Comedy Central was so impressed with Cook’s performances and accomplishments that they presented him with his first stand-up comedy special in 2000. After five years of making people laugh on the small screen, Cook returned to the big screen with his first leading role in Employee of The Month. The film gave Cook much-needed exposure and finally solidified him as a rising comedy star with a bright future in acting.

However, Dane switched gears back to his comedy in 2003 and began releasing comedy albums, starting with the popular platinum-selling project Harmful if Swallowed. He followed it up with the even more successful Retaliation, which reached double platinum and actually charted on the Billboard charts, which was unprecedented for a comic.

He continued his reign in comedy with the HBO special Vicious Cycle and later appeared as the host for Saturday Night Live in 2005. In 2007, he returned to acting when he joined the cast of the film Mr. Brooks. He followed that up with a lead role in Good Luck Chuck and finished out 2007 with a role in another popular box office success, Dan in Real Life. That year, Cook enjoyed even more success as he sold out Madison Square Garden with his special Rough Around the Edges in 2007.

In 2008, Cook starred in My Best Friend’s Girl and once again stepped away from acting to focus on other ventures. However, he returned in 2013 to join the cast of Disney’s animated film Planes in the lead role of Dusty. Audiences saw the last of Cook on the big screen in 2015 when he starred in the film 400 Days. With all the popular albums, stand-up specials, and films that Cook has under his belt, the comedian is sure to have accrued a substantial amount of money from his comedic reign in Hollywood.

What Is Dane Cook’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cook is currently worth $35 million. In all actuality, this number would and should be higher⏤so why isn’t it? Well, there is a valid and shocking reason for this. During the peak of his rise as a comedy king, Cook decided that it wouldn’t be wise to trust a random stranger with his financial affairs. Thinking that it would be easier and more secure to trust his family, Cook enlisted his half-brother, Darryl McCauley, to be his financial and business manager. However, Cook ended up learning that blood isn’t always thicker than water when money is involved.

It came to light that Daryl had been actually stealing money from Cook for four years⏤between 2004 and 2008⏤and by the time the dust settled, it was calculated that the total sum was about $12 million. If you factor those lost wages in with Cook’s current net worth, the comedian would actually be worth $47 million.

Fortunately, Cook is still young enough to make a resurgence in the entertainment world and make up for that setback. With the younger generation seemingly hungry for the old days of yore, there’s a good chance that Dane Cook will get an opportunity to pick up where he left off and continue to expand his resume and grow his net worth.