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What is Omnipotence City in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’?

Learn about the new movie's key new location.

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With Thor: Love and Thunder on the brink of releasing in theaters, we’re finally about to see whether Taika Waititi’s second Marvel movie will prove as good as his first. It certainly has a lot going for it, with the Ragnarok follow-up set to introduce a lot of key new characters into the MCU — from Natalie Portman’s newly empowered Jane Foster aka the Mighty Thor to Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher.

There will be new realms to explore, too, as the Asgardian Avenger’s latest adventure will see him visiting different dimensions as he attempts to stop his latest deity-destroying nemesis. One fresh clip from the movie confirms that a key location set to debut is Omnipotence City. We’ve also got a glimpse at the place in the trailers. But what is Omnipotence City and how might it fit into the plot?

What is Omnipotence City?

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Like much of Love and Thunder, Omnipotence City is a concept pulled from Jason Aaron’s seminal Thor run, debuting in Thor: God of Thunder #3. A floating cosmic citadel, Omnipotence City is a place where all gods from across existence are welcome to visit, while also being the base of the Parliament of Pantheons, the governing body that rules over reality’s deities. The gods of the gods, if you like.

Making Asgard look like, well, New Asgard, the city is said to have stood for over 12 billion years and was forged from the flames of newborn stars and built with stone that was once the bedrock of creation. Omnipotence City has many notable features, including the Genesis Bazaar, the city’s marketplace in which it’s said that gods barter for the destinies of galaxies.

Most notable, however, is the Halls of All-Knowing, a vast library containing chronicles of the lives of every god to have ever lived. There’s also the Hall of the Lost, housing the chronicles of those gods who have been forgotten over time. In charge of overseeing the halls is the Lord Librarian, an immortal winged old man who first encountered Thor as a child when Odin brought his two sons there for a scholarly visit.

How will Omnipotence City fit into Thor: Love and Thunder?

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In the comics, Thor returns to Omnipotence City in the present day to consult the books of the Hall of All-Knowing in order to learn more about Gorr, after he first encounters the God Butcher on the planet Indigarr and discovers his personal vendetta against the divine. In the aforementioned Love and Thunder clip, Thor and Valkyrie agree that they need to visit the city in order to work out how to stop Gorr, so it seems things will largely play out the same way on-screen.

It also looks like Omnipotence City is how Russell Crowe’s Zeus will be introduced. We’d assumed the shots of Zeus in the trailers were of him at Olympus, the home of the Greek gods, but now it’s likely that Zeus is actually dwelling at the O.C., possibly as the head of the Parliament of the Pantheon. In many ways, then, Omnipotence City may fill a similar role in the story to Sakaar in Ragnarok. Both are other realms Thor visits that are ruled over by an eccentric immortal.

What’s more, it’s possible this location may end up proving a widespread Moon Knight theory right. When the recent Disney Plus show introduced the Egyptian pantheon of gods, fans wondered if Gorr might appear in the finale to hunt them down. That didn’t happen, but the Ennead might not be out of the woods yet. It’s totally feasible that Tawaret and the others could appear as part of the Parliament on Omnipotence City — and the odds are that Gorr is going to breach the place and pull a Scarlet Witch vs. the Illuminati.

Thor: Love and Thunder is coming to theaters this July 8.

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