When The Hell Will We Get To See Snowpiercer?


The final South Korean trailer has been released for Snowpiercer, but it raises more questions than it answers. Or, rather, it raises the exact same amount of questions as it answers. The first question is “Will it be awesome?” and, from this trailer, the answer is a resounding “Yes, it will be awesome”.

Check it out below:

That is one damn tense trailer. Chris Evans looking all moody and stuff, fighting loads of masked men with an axe in search of his destiny? How can that not be brilliant? Is there even a way that would be possible? However, for the quality answer that first question gets, a second one is inevitably raised – “Just when will we get to see it?” And the answer here is not so clear.

Originally, it was slated for a summer 2013 release. For those of you living in deep space, us guys hanging out in the northern hemisphere of planet Earth are currently experiencing summer 2013, with no sign of Snowpiercer at all.

The South Korean release is a different matter. Those dudes are getting it in August, in less than a month. This led many to believe that we’d see it in the Autumn, but as film festival schedules are appearing we’re not seeing any sign of Snowpiercer at all. The Weinsteins might hold off for the moment and save it for a first-quarter 2014 release, but there’s plenty of big-hitters released around then.

None quite so big as an iceberg-destroying mega-train, but still – Robocop is out February, as is Three Days to Kill. 300: Rise of an Empire is due March, as is Stretch and Need for Speed; so quite where it will slot in is unclear. Not that Snowpiercer couldn’t absolutely destroy all of those films in one fell swoop. Did you see that trailer? Let’s not play games here. Early reviews have been incredibly positive – so what’s the delay?