Where can fans sink their teeth into ‘The Twilight Saga’ when it leaves Netflix next month?

Image via Summit Entertainment

Well, the sun is finally setting on The Twilight Saga. At least, that is, on Netflix. After six months of availability on the streaming service, the entire franchise is due to leave on Jan. 16, 2022. Fans, especially the hardcore cadre of super-fans known as “Twi-hards” are feeling predictably dismal about the feast to famine situation before them.

The saga is easily the most popular adaptation of any romance between a mortal high school student and a 104-year-old vampire…that is still a high school student. They’re a guilty and often not so guilty “comfort food,” and fans have enjoyed untrammeled access to them for half a year. But all things must come to an end, and now, as Netflix prepares to lock up the pantry for good, fans are trying to figure out the best place to get their next taste of Edward and Bella.

Robert Pattinson Twilight

Fortunately, there’s no need to go out and buy up all the Twilight blu-rays just yet. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to pare down your ever-increasing list of streaming service subscriptions, well, you may be out of luck. The films will move to their new exclusive streaming home on Peacock soon after they exit Netflix. Although Peacock has a free-to-watch option, it’s likely fans will have to shell out for one of the service’s two premium tiers to unlock the shiny vampire goodness.

This isn’t the franchise’s first swing around the streaming services either. The movies landed on Netflix fresh from a stint on Amazon Prime. The films also spent some time being hosted by Hulu. The films continue to do impressive viewership numbers no matter what service their on, no doubt a testament to the adoration of its dedicated and sometimes glassy-eyed fandom.

So hang on, spider monkey, there will still be a Twilight outlet on the horizon. For now, all the Twi-hards can spend their holiday downtime binging the movies on Netflix to their hearts’ content. The franchise will move to Peacock after Jan. 16, joining similar fan favorites, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, on the service.