Where To Watch DC’s Animated Injustice Movie


DC Comics has released a new animated film based on the storyline of Injustice: Gods Among Us, a popular fighting game based in the DC Universe that spawned a sequel in addition to a series of graphic novels.

At this point, most fans of the comic giant’s vast library of characters probably have at least a cursory familiarity with the Injustice storyline, which takes place in an alternate universe where the Joker tricks Superman into murdering Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis.

The tragedy drives Superman into madness and the Man of Steel goes rogue, taking over the world and enacting a totalitarian regime. In response, Batman and a team of various other heroes mount an insurgency to overthrow Superman and end his tyrannic rule.

Unfortunately, fans looking to catch the new animated Injustice film will have to pay a standalone price to check it out, as the film is not currently available on any streaming services, though it may eventually come to HBO Max which currently hosts the majority of DC content.

If you’re willing to fork out the extra cash to watch Injustice, the film is currently available to buy on Blu-ray for $29.98 or $39.99 if you’re looking to get the 4K version. The price is a bit less steep if you just want to get the digital version, which is available for $19.99. Amazon is also running a sale at the moment, lowering the cost to $19.96 and $24.96 for the base and 4K editions of the film, respectively.