Where was the original ‘Goonies’ movie filmed?


Few movies have the iconic status that The Goonies has. The 36-year-old film has been adored by generations of moviegoers and become one of the most beloved films of all time.

Released in Dec. 1985, this family adventure written by Steven Spielberg quickly built up a massive following. Now it’s set to make a resurgence, with Disney Plus reportedly developing a spin-off series for its platform.

If you haven’t seen the film, there’s no better time to check it out than now, and if you have, then it’s still a perfect moment to take in a hit of nostalgia. There are some impressive buildings and locations in the film, and while some of it was filmed on a studio lot, other parts were filmed on location in the United States.

Where was the original Goonies filmed?

The Goonies

Most of the filming for The Goonies was done in Astoria along the Oregon coast. Other scenes were filmed at the Warner Bros. Burbank Studios in California.

If you’re looking to experience the iconic locations from the film in person, then you can head to Astoria City and visit them for yourself. Some of the locations you can visit include The Walsh House and Cannon Beach, and you can check out a guide for those locations here.

For those who want to plan an entire road trip around the locations used for this film, then Roadtrippers has you covered. They’ve put together a scenic route where you can see locations used for The Goonies around Astoria.