Where’s Aquaman In This New Justice League Photo?


Along with dropping several new stills from the R-rated Logan earlier today, the latest issue of Empire Magazine has also brought with it a new photo from Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Actually, let’s rewind a bit. It’s not exactly new, as we saw the same shot, more or less, in the Comic-Con trailer released last year. However, there is something worth mentioning here, and that’s the suspicious absence of Aquaman.

In fact, it’s not only the King of the Seven Seas who’s missing, as the Big Blue Boy Scout doesn’t seem to be around, either. That’s understandable, though, given that Supes is still dead when Justice League begins (after perishing at the hands of Doomsday) and from what we’ve heard, he may not be resurrected until closer to the end – with a black suit, to boot. As for where Arthur Curry might be though, well, we really have no idea at this point as we still don’t know too much about what Snyder’s plans for the character are.


We’ve got everyone else accounted for – Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and the Flash – but the Atlantean isn’t with them. Perhaps he’s off fighting another battle, or maybe he isn’t recruited onto the team until later on in the film? Whatever the case may be, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern as this is but one photo and is hardly indicative of how large a role each character will play in the final product. That being said, you have to believe that the majority of the spotlight will be given to Bats and Wonder Woman here, so it’s entirely possible that someone like Aquaman may not be too heavily involved.

Unfortunately, given that what we have below is simply a scan from the magazine (perhaps the Atlantean got cut off, then?), the quality leaves a lot to be desired. As is always the case though, a hi-res version will no doubt make its way online shortly and when it does, we’ll have it for you right here. Until then, give the new Justice League image (s) a look below and let us know where you think Aquaman may be by leaving us a comment in the usual place.