I’ll Always Look This Good: Why We Need A Hellboy 3


The Hellboy film franchise is quite possibly one of the most frustrating ones in Hollywood (second only to Dredd, which desperately needs to actually BE a franchise). I am not a comic book fan, and I am even less of a fan of comic book movies, so it says a lot that I do love Hellboy and the world that surrounds him.

The first film established a character brought into this world to be a tool of evil who, by dint of some loving parenting and a little bit of understanding, becomes one of the greatest forces of good. With two excellent, somewhat disparate films under the franchise belt, a Hellboy 3 should seem like an inevitability. The actors are down for it, the director is down for it – everyone seems to be down for it. And yet…there is no Hellboy 3.

So, while we wait patiently for the film to be given a green light (which we may end up waiting forever for), allow me to explain why there NEEDS to be a Hellboy 3.

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