Will Laurie Strode die in ‘Halloween Ends?’

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For several decades now, the spine-tingling saga between immortal figure Michael Myers and resilient heroine Laurie Strode has fascinated horror fanatics and passionate moviegoers alike. The rivalry between both characters initially began in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween — which eventually spawned a variety of sequels, remakes, reboots, and timelines. In the years following, the intense battle between Myers and Strode either seemed to be referenced in films, depicted in countless memes, or showcased on the big screen.

The rivalry between Myers and Strode began as simply a masked madman targeting a group of teenagers in Haddonfield, Indiana after escaping a local mental hospital. However, it was soon revealed in Halloween II that Michael and Laurie were biologically brother and sister — which provided some insight as to why Michael was hellbent on killing Laurie. In Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, Michael catches up with Laurie, who has been living under witness protection in California. The rivalry between the two seemingly ends in Halloween: Resurrection, when Laurie falls to her death from the roof of a mental hospital.

Now, weeks after the mind-bending trailer for Halloween Ends officially dropped, fans are presenting theories on the drawing board as to what Laurie Strode’s fate will be. And considering the events in Halloween: Resurrection belong to a separate timeline, many folks believe that the final film in David Gordon Green’s trilogy could mark the end of Laurie Strode for good.

So, will Laurie Strode die in Halloween Ends?

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While Laurie Strode’s death in Halloween Ends has not been officially confirmed — and likely wouldn’t be until the movie is released — fans are speculating that the character will undoubtedly meet a tragic fate when all is said and done. And considering the official trailer showcases an intense brawl between Myers and Strode, it’s not hard to understand why folks believe Strode will perish.

As many fans are aware, actress Jamie Lee Curtis has memorably portrayed Laurie Strode since the original Halloween. Curtis has reprised the role several times now, and with each passing time, fans question whether it will be her final appearance as the notable final girl or not — and, according to a recent interview, Halloween Ends could indeed be the final time. While speaking with Total Film Magazine, Curtis revealed that it will likely be the last time she portrays Strode, which only helped to fuel the rumors.

The final scene in Halloween Kills featured Laurie’s daughter Karen getting murdered by Myers in his childhood home. As a result, a multitude of fans believe that Laurie will enact her revenge on Michael and die while sacrificing herself for the greater good, both for the town of Haddonfield and her granddaughter Allyson. In doing so, there’s a strong chance that Michael and Laurie could both die in the trilogy’s conclusion, which would put an end to the saga between two of the most recognizable characters in cinematic horror.

Of course, these theories are merely speculation at this point — which means all questions surrounding Laurie Strode’s fate will ultimately be decided when Halloween Ends releases in theaters on Oct. 14.