Will Star Wars: Episode IX Harken Back To Rogue One?


On the eve of Episode IX‘s production start in the United Kingdom, a new and potentially juicy rumor is claiming that the J.J. Abrams movie will harken back to the Star Wars films of old.

That’s almost a foregone conclusion, given it’s being angled as the final chapter in Lucasfilm’s cherished Skywalker Saga, but this speculative nugget delves a little deeper to assert that, by choosing to shoot in the Middle East – Joran, to be specific – Star Wars: Episode IX may pay a visit to Jedha, one of the planets targeted by the Death Star during Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

So assuming Krennic’s tests weren’t overly destructive, perhaps Rey is forced to scavenge for some MacGuffin on Jedha? It’s certainly possible, but we’re more inclined to believe that Daisy Ridley’s heroine is headed back to Jakku where she must begin the next generation of Jedi.

Remember, Jordan and its surrounding valleys were originally earmarked for The Force Awakens, before Abrams and his team ultimately settled on the sun-scorched plains of Abu Dhabi. Rogue One, on the other hand, used Jordan as a stand-in for Jedha, so it’s nigh on certain that Episode IX will visit at least one of those planets – namely Jakku or Jedha – come 2019.

Making Star Wars goes one step further to present a third possible scenario, too: Episode IX has earmarked Jordan to be some as-yet-undiscovered planet in the Lucasfilm franchise.

That could well be the case, but considering J.J. Abrams and screenwriter Chris Terrio plan to wrap things up with Star Wars: Episode IX, we’re more inclined to believe that the creative duo will harken back to an old, familiar location as they bring the curtain down on this beloved saga. As always, watch this space for more.