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Will there be a ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies 2?’

Would every subsequent sequel add another "Bodies" to the title?

Bodies Bodies Bodies
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The following article contains spoilers for Bodies Bodies Bodies.

One of the most talked about horror movies of 2022 has finally been released, as Bodies Bodies Bodies has been out since August. The film was directed by Halina Reijn and starred the breakout hit of Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, Maria Bakalova as Bee, an Eastern European girl who attends a party with her girlfriend, Sophie, played by Amandla Stenberg. The film also featured Pete Davidson, Rachel Sennott, Chase Sui Wonders, Myha’la Herrold, and Lee Pace. 

The movie doubled as a black comedy and felt like a slasher/horror film for the TikTok generation. While the movie could easily be disregarded as a one-off horror movie, there also might be ways for the film to spawn a sequel. Let’s delve deeper into the story and ending of Bodies Bodies Bodies and determine the probability of a Bodies Bodies Bodies 2

Could we get a sequel to Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Bodies Bodies Bodies has an interesting plot, to say the least, with a twist that is not typical for the horror genre. The film begins with Bee and Sophie traveling to David’s (Pete Davidson) mansion for a party to wait out the hurricane looming above them. We soon get introduced to the dynamics of the group and find out that Sophie recently exited rehab. In hindsight, going to a party filled with booze and cocaine might not have been the smartest choice for her sobriety. 

The horror element of the film is set up by a game the group plays called, “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” The rules of the game are that one friend is marked as a killer and they must go around and “kill” their friends. With the lights out the killer must successfully cover up their crime, and if the body is discovered, the person who finds the body must shout, “Bodies, bodies, bodies!” and turn on the lights to reconvene and guess who killed the victim. 

Rachel Sennott and Lee Pace take a selfie in 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies'
Photo by Gwen Capistran/A24

Alice’s (Rachel Sennott) older boyfriend Greg (Lee Pace) was the first victim to be found, and, after a few choice words between friends, the game was disbanded. As the film continues and the hurricane begins, they lose power, and one by one people start to die. The first one to die was David, seemingly stabbed with a kukri that was used by Greg to slice open a bottle of champagne earlier in the movie. Next to go was Greg. The girls confront him with weapons, and, as he defends himself with a knife, Bee caves his head in with a kettlebell. 

Emma (Sui Wonders) dies after seemingly falling down the stairs, though the group imagines that she was pushed. Alice is then accidentally shot in the throat as Jordan (Herrold) wrestles with the group for control of a gun. Finally, Jordan is pushed by Bee through the banister at the top of the staircase leading to the mansion’s higher floor. Jordan falls, landing on a glass table among some other items, and presumably dies, although one could argue that with some medical attention she could still be alive. 

The last stand-off is between Bee and Sophie after Jordan tells her that she and Sophie met up a few days prior to the party and hooked up. Other than Sophie and Bee, the one suspect we have who might be the killer is Max, one of their friends who left one night earlier. When the power turns back on and the pair realize that they are in possession of David’s phone, they find out the real truth. It turns out that David was trying to slice a bottle of champagne just like Greg did. Because he was drunk, high, in wet weather, and generally moronic, he slipped and slashed his own throat with the kukri. 

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In the end, there was no masked slasher villain, and most of the kills were just accidents; even Emma’s was presumably an accident. Sophie, who had relapsed, saw her fall down the stairs, although she could have pushed her. Could we get a sequel for Bodies Bodies Bodies? Based on the ending, probably not. Sophie will probably spend years in either rehab or a mental treatment facility coping with the death of her friends unless she chooses to come back and kill a group of people to cope. Bee, on the other hand, killed Greg and had practically no reason for it. She will most likely go to prison or maybe Sophie’s parents cough up some money for her trial, but it is very doubtful. 

Randomly the character only mentioned throughout the film appears right at the end, so Max could appear in a sequel but it is not likely that his character could sustain his own film. A plotline with these characters would either revolve around Sophie or Bee as outlined above or follow entirely new characters who choose to play their own game of “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” and turn it more sinister, this time with actual murders. The movie also did well critically, scoring 86 percent on Rotton Tomatoes, but it was less popular with audiences. It also seemingly enjoyed financial success, earning over $11 million, and the budget was most likely reasonably small as there was a small cast and only one large setting.

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While the film was relatively successful, it does not seem very likely that it will spawn a sequel in any shape or form. After all, pretty much anyone from the first film is either dead, in rehab, or imprisoned. However, it would not be the first time a horror movie took a name and made a sequel that had little or nothing to do with the original movie, with probably the most famous being the Halloween sequel, Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Although at the time they were trying to produce an anthology for Halloween so it did make some sense, but throwing in a brief glimpse of Michael Myers on a television screen disrupts that idea a tad.

It is also worth noting that the film was distributed by A24 films, and they are not known for their sequels. Ultimately, it seems unlikely that we will ever see a sequel to Bodies Bodies Bodies, although maybe when this generation grows a bit older, they will be clamoring for a second movie or maybe a remake.

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