William Shatner always wanted to be a singer, so he teamed up with music legend Diane Warren

William Shatner may boast of being the oldest person to ever travel to space after his recent trip on Blue Origin, but his real dream all this time has been more musically centered, it turns out.

Before the actor beamed up to the role of Captain Kirk in Star Trek, a show that inspired Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos to dream of one day traveling to space, he had aspirations of being a singer. But he didn’t think he was talented enough for it, according to an interview he did with The DailyMail.

Despite this, the 90-year-old was asked by Diane Warren, a legendary songwriter who has written hits for the likes of Aerosmith and Cher, to perform her song “Somehow You Do.”

Singer Reba McEntire first interpreted the spoken word tune for the Mila Kunis and Glenn Close film Four Good Days.

There’s even a music video for Shatner’s rendition of the song that Warren posted on her YouTube channel. You can check it out right here.

Warren reportedly first proposed Shatner do the song while she was on his show. The article didn’t state what show specifically, but the Star Trek star is currently the host of a TV talk show, I Don’t Understand with William Shatner, which airs on RT America, a local subsidiary of an international news outlet owned by the Russian government.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, Warren praised Shatner’s performance on the song, saying, “What William does is poetic; he puts heart and soul into it. His message is deep for me. It needs to be heard.”

Shatner, who famously covered Elton John’s “Rocket Man” at the 1978 Saturn Awards, said he’s loved music since childhood.

“My dad loved opera, and so did I. I took music lessons as a child and played the guitar. I loved music. That’s my grounding in music.”