‘Windfall’ trailer promises ‘Hitchcockian thriller’ debuting on Netflix in March


The new trailer for Windfall, which hits Netflix in March, promises a thriller about haves tangling with have-nots.

Boasting a star-studded cast that includes Lily Collins, Jesse Plemons, and Jason Segel, the streaming platform is already touting the film on Twitter as a “Hitchcockian thriller” from the mind behind The One I Love and Seven, director Charlie McDowell.

The plot of the claustrophobic-looking film follows a man who breaks into a tech billionaire’s empty vacation house, only to stumble upon the arrogant mogul and his wife when they decide to drop in for a last-minute getaway.

In a movie market oversaturated by franchise tentpoles, reboots, sequels, rebootquels, and seemingly endless superhero stories, film fanatics on Twitter were quick to get hyped over an original effort, the story for which was co-written by Segel, McDowell, and screenwriter Justin Lader.

One Twitter user said that the smaller-scale story promised audiences a “hot box of drama,” which struck them as intriguing.

One fan of Segel, star of How I Met Your Mother and I Love You, Man, enthused at the actor’s return in an unusual role compared to his past work, which typically centered on comedy.

Another Twitter user was all heart emojis at the thought of Emily in Paris star Lily Collins being involved.

One cinephile even compared the trailer to a role-reversed, and perhaps slightly less bleak version of the home invasion thriller / black comedy Funny Games, but in the best possible way.

Another movie fan admitted that while the film looks good, they were a bit taken aback at attaching the name of legendary thriller director Alfred Hitchcock as a marketing tactic.

With Plemons now ranking as an Oscar nominee for The Power of the Dog, the film is shaping up to be an actors’ tour-de-force ensemble piece all around. We’re excited to see how all three stars chew the scenery when Windfall hits Netflix March 18.

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