Winter Soldier Creator Wants Sebastian Stan As Another One Of His Characters

winter soldier

Long before Marvel took legal action against the estates of several notable creators in an attempt to hold onto the rights to their characters, Winter Soldier creator Ed Brubaker voiced his frustrations at how the cinematic universe compensated the folks responsible for making it billions of dollars.

The comic book favorite admitted he felt sick when he saw trailers and TV spots for Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but he’s clearly a fan of the actor who brought Bucky Barnes to such memorable life. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brubaker revealed he’d love to see Sebastian Stan appear in an adaptation of his new property Reckless.

“We’ve had a bunch of movie interest, but nothing that’s come to fruition yet. Every time someone asks me who I want to play him, I’m like ‘Sebastian Stan.’ Not just because he was the Winter Soldier. Partly that. But because I think he’d be perfect for it. ‘Come on! You could be in every scene instead of half of them.'”

Reckless takes place in 1980s California, where the suitably named Ethan Reckless operates as a freelance fixer out of an abandoned movie theater. He gets a call from an ex-girlfriend that finds him drawn back into his old life as a part of hippie culture, before an attempt to reclaim some stolen cash pits him opposite the FBI, CIA, domestic terrorists, old friends and brand new enemies.

The run has gotten decent reviews so far, and seeing Sebastian Stan play against type as a noir-infused antihero would be intriguing to see unfold, as well as continuing his coincidental association with Brubaker’s comic book back catalogue.