With ‘Justice League’ ineligible, Zack Snyder fans pushing ‘Army of the Dead’ for Oscars glory

army of the dead

Yesterday brought some troubling news that threatened to torpedo the integrity of the very first fan-voted category in Academy Awards history, when it was revealed that the #OscarsFanFavorite poll was being comfortably led by Amazon’s Cinderella.

To be fair, the winner of the trophy was always destined to boil down to who can mobilize the most stans, and it’s looking as though Camila Cabello’s fanbase has gained the upper hand. Johnny Depp’s Minamata is also in the running, while Zack Snyder’s Justice League would have reportedly been the clear winner had it not been ruled as ineligible.

Undeterred, Snyder’s supporters have broken the emergency glass on Plan B, with Army of the Dead now swarming timelines everywhere as the Netflix zombie actioner makes a late push for Oscars glory.

The whole thing has been something of a disaster from start to finish when you think about it, regardless of who ends up emerging victorious. Three of the movies with the highest number of votes include a panned re-imagining of a classic fairytale, a biographical drama that was only quietly released last week, and the four-hour Director’s Cut of a film that initially released in November 2017 which is available only on streaming

With that in mind, this could be the first and last time we see #OscarsFanFavorite.

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