Witness Cyborg’s First Flight In Justice League Deleted Scene


By now, you’re probably aware of how much footage didn’t make it into the version of Justice League we ultimately received in theaters, thus leading to demand that the fabled Zack Snyder cut see the light of day. And while the home video release did indeed contain a few extra treats involving Superman, it’s one of DC’s other heavyweights that we’re here to discuss today.

In this instance, we’ll be talking about Cyborg, whom Ray Fisher brought to life in the ensemble flick. Call me crazy, but I’m glad the actor put a more dramatic spin on the character, one that I personally found to be more befitting of someone rolling with the A-squad. Sure, he may have snuck in a subtle “booyah” at the end, but it was important Fisher not go as over the top as his counterpart seen on the Teen Titans cartoons. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the animated iteration; it’s just that this was a different ballgame.

So, if you’ve seen Justice League, then you’re aware of how Cyborg was constantly evolving throughout the story. In fact, he probably made his dear old dad poop his pants when he took flight in their apartment. Plus, the landlord may have had a fit if Vic ruined the floor with his boosters.

Had the film been cut differently, we’d have witnessed the very moment our half-man, half-machine hero discovered this particular ability. Thanks to a post over on Reddit, we’re able to glimpse a scene (above) that obviously didn’t make the final version, as it showcases various stages of the visual effects process. Still, it’s pretty cool to see.

If indeed a Snyder cut or some other souped-up edition of Justice League ever sees home video release, we can only hope that this and other goodies are included as bonus content. With each passing week, it’s really starting to look like there’s enough footage around to assemble an entirely separate movie.

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