Justice League Deleted Scene Sees Superman Meet Alfred


Cast your mind to back before Justice League came out, and you’ll remember that one of the trailers got fans excited with a brief scene that saw Jeremy Irons’ Alfred Pennyworth meeting with an unseen hero. The sequence spawned a load of theories – most notably, that the hero was Armie Hammer’s Hal Jordan – so fans were crushed when it was nowhere to be seen in the theatrical cut of the DC team-up movie.

At last, we now have our first look at the complete scene, finally revealing who it was that Alfred was speaking to. Yes, of course, it’s Henry Cavill’s Superman. With Justice League arriving on Digital, some deleted scenes from the release are now leaking out and this is just the latest.

Though not hugely significant, it’s still a great little moment with Henry Cavill and Jeremy Irons working really well together. Supes’ polite introduction – “I’m assuming you’re Alfred” – is in-keeping with his character, as is Alfred’s butler-y manners coming to the fore – his slight bow and “Master Kent” comment. It’s a real shame, then, that it was removed from the final cut of the movie, as these small scenes of character interaction are what the fans really love.

Recently, DC also officially released another deleted scene featuring Superman. This one ticked off another long-awaited first for Justice League: our first glimpse of the fabled black suit that we’ve been waiting to see since forever. Superman’s truncated character arc in the theatrical cut got a lot of flack, so at least now we’re getting these extra scenes which add a little bit of texture to his journey from confused amnesiac to smiling hero. Plus, it’s interesting that both scenes feature Hans Zimmer’s original Man of Steel musical cues, rather than Justice League composer Danny Elfman’s work.

Be sure to catch Justice League on Digital, or wait for its Blu-Ray/DVD release to hit shelves on March 13th (pre-order here).