Wolverine Vs. Hulk Movie Will Reportedly Feature The Debut Of A Huge Character

Wolverine vs. Hulk

A couple of months back, we learned that a Wolverine vs. Hulk movie has entered early development at Marvel Studios but full details about the crossover were sketchy. Now, however, it seems the project has started to take shape as a notable MCU leaker has just posted what he claims is inside info on its plot and supporting cast.

According to tipster Mikey Sutton, the film will take place in snowy Canada and introduce Wolvie to the MCU as a wanted man, having escaped from the Weapon X project with the help of the X-Men. Apparently, Canada’s very own Avengers equivalent, Alpha Flight, will be hot on the mutant’s tail, as will the Hulk.

Sutton goes on to say that the MCU’s Alpha Flight will be comprised of Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman and Snowbird. Moreover, he claims that Marvel is considering spinning the superhero team off into their own Disney+ TV show, believing that they’ll be more suited to the small screen than a blockbuster movie in the long run.

“Marvel Studios doesn’t think Alpha Flight have the makings of a cinematic franchise; there are too many toys in the box to play with and only enough time. But they would like to see them in the Wolverine movie where he fights the Hulk.”

When we last saw Bruce Banner in the MCU, he’d made peace with his angry green persona to become Professor Hulk and had a busted arm thanks to the events of Avengers: Endgame. It was a very different Green Goliath to the one fans had become accustomed to seeing on screen, but according to Sutton, the character will undergo a further transformation for his showdown with Wolverine. The leaker claims that Marvel is keen to have the Immortal Hulk – who made his comic book debut two years ago – lock horns with Logan.

Although these rumors of a showdown between Immortal Hulk and Wolverine with Alpha Flight caught up in the middle should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, it’s worth pointing out that Sutton has delivered accurate scoops on the MCU in the past and there’ve been other reports backing up the project’s existence. Whether an Alpha Flight TV show will emerge from the film is anybody’s guess, but Marvel does have a track record for bringing some of its lesser-known comic book characters to its shared cinematic universe, with the Guardians of the Galaxy being a good example.

Presumably, Wolverine vs. Hulk would be Logan-centric, given that Marvel making a Hulk solo movie could open up a complex rights dispute with Universal. In any case, it seems like a good vehicle for introducing Wolvie to the MCU. Some of his greatest comic book battles have been with the Hulk, and if the reports that Mark Ruffalo has one more movie remaining on his Marvel contract are accurate, this could be an epic sendoff for him.