Wolverine Meets The Avengers On Awesome New Poster


It was a moment we thought would never come but now, thanks to the recent Fox/Disney deal, the X-Men are on their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How or when they’ll make their debut, we don’t know, but the mutants will soon cross paths with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Of course, the one thing that fans most want to see is Wolverine teaming up with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. And though Hugh Jackman has unfortunately called it quits with regards to his time in the role, make no mistake about it, the iconic X-Men leader will be recast and he will most definitely be thrown into the MCU.

Who it’ll be playing him is obviously unknown, but one fan has drawn up a clever poster that keeps Jackman as Wolvie and imagines his first meeting with the Avengers, as we see him come face to face with Captain America, Iron Man and Doctor Strange. Stepping out of a portal leading from the Danger Room at Xavier’s mansion, the mutant lands in Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, from which point, we can only imagine what would happen.

Check it out in the gallery down below along with a few other recent fan-made efforts that have surfaced lately:

It’s interesting to note that this poster is for a movie based on the “AXIS” comic book event, which featured both the Avengers and X-Men working together to take down Red Skull. The catch, is, that many of the characters’ moral centers become twisted, so heroes become villains and vice versa. We don’t imagine that Marvel would adapt this particular arc – at least, not for the first meeting between the two groups on the big screen – but it’s a fun look at what might be regardless and a timely reminder that no longer will the House of Idea’s most famous characters be placed on separate tracks; instead, they’ll exist within a single, shared universe: the MCU.

Incorporating the likes of Wolverine and the Silver Surfer may seem like a logistical nightmare on paper, particularly after 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But if Kevin Feige is to be believed, Phase 4 will herald a relatively blank slate for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – perhaps that soft reboot will have something to do with the Infinity Stones? – and with so many characters to choose from, Feige and Co. have been left facing an embarrassment of riches.

All of this won’t take shape until after Fox’s current slate though, which continues via The New Mutants in 2018. It’s a decidedly darker take on the X-Men franchise, while Deadpool 2, arguably the perfect palette cleanser, will follow on June 1st.