Wonder Woman 1984 Fans Are Going Crazy For The First Trailer


The first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is finally here! Fans have been waiting to see more of Diana of Themyscira for two whole years now, with November 2017’s Justice League being her last outing, but Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior is at last set to return in 2020 with her very own sequel.

The preview, which dropped a few hours ago, offered our first look at Wondy back in action and her fans can’t get enough of it. Honestly, if the movie was just two hours of “lasso goodness,” we’d all be happy.

I mean, just look at this shot. Like Diana says in the trailer, “it’s all art.”

It’s. All. Art.

A real highlight for folks is the unveiling of Wonder Woman in her full Golden Eagle armor. Though the suit has been teased in a poster before now, and WGTC first told you she’d be wearing it months ago, we hadn’t seen her with the helmet on until today. But the result is MAJESTIC.

Seriously, take some time to appreciate how epic this moment is.

Hey, look, even Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is a fan of the WW84 trailer!

Diana’s love story with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor was one of the best parts of the first film, and DC fans are already getting misty-eyed that the brave WWI pilot is somehow back again for the sequel. They finally have more time.

This is all of us come June 5th…

Of course, the trailer also reveals Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva, who’s destined to become the villainous Cheetah. It appears that she’s from the Jim Carrey’s Riddler/Jamie Foxx’s Electro school of supervillainy and will begin as a geeky uber-fan before turning to the dark side.

What’s more, Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord is up to no good. He even seems to be responsible for Steve’s impossible resurrection. In fact, it looks like Wonder Woman 1984‘s big theme is “be careful what you wish for.”