Wonder Woman Battles Steppenwolf In Unreleased Justice League Footage


Though Warner Bros. have no plans to release the fabled Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, there remain those who cling to their hope of such a thing happening. Admittedly, I think it could one day happen just as Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut saw the light of day more than two decades after being shot, but I just don’t see it dropping in the foreseeable future.

Now, I’ll elaborate on that momentarily, but I’d like to present something that’s technically new in the meantime. Yes, it ties in with a scene we’ve already witnessed in the theatrical cut, but you have to admit it’s cool seeing things that didn’t show up on the silver screen.

Below, you can check out a brief clip that’s found its way to YouTube showing Wonder Woman battling Steppenwolf in the area beneath Gotham Harbor at the film’s midway point. In it, we’re able to glimpse a few moves excised from the final cut. The footage may be unpolished and more so resembles an Injustice mobile game, sure, but it’s appreciated nonetheless.

If anything, this forces me to recall recent chatter indicating that the studio intentionally toned down Diana’s love for combat, but on the other hand, little snips here and there in action scenes aren’t uncommon in this industry. Don’t forget, WB wanted the running time kept under two hours, so it’s understandable that a few things got left out.

Like I said earlier, goodies such as this may be all we have to go on for the time being when it comes to a Justice League extended cut of any sort. I’m not sure if people don’t want to admit it or if they constantly forget, but this movie didn’t do all that well in theaters.

That said, ask yourself why would WB sink millions of more dollars into a film that generated little interest, only to have a very vocal fraction of the audience that did turn out be satisfied by a souped-up home video release that wouldn’t move many copies? From a business standpoint, it’d make no sense whatsoever, but I very much doubt this discussion will end anytime soon.