Here’s How Timothée Chalamet Could Look As The MCU’s New Loki

Loki MCU

Within the world of independent films, there’s an ongoing joke that fans and critics have tapped into – if you’re going to make a movie, it better feature the performance of either Lucas Hedges or Timothée Chalamet (or in the case of 2017’s Lady Bird, both). In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve, at one point, mixed the two up (here’s a handy guide to telling them apart), but you might also remember Chalamet from his recent appearances in The King and Little Women. 

And with the actor now being rumored to make the jump into the blockbuster world soon, one graphic designer has taken it upon themselves to re-envision him as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most mischievous characters. As you can see dow below, digital artist BossLogic recently took to Instagram to share a post that depicts Chalamet as a young Loki, complete with the character’s emerald green costume and horned helmet.

To be honest, now that we’ve seen it, if push comes to shove, Timothée Chalamet could certainly pass as a younger version of Tom Hiddleston’s beloved antihero. And with multiple reports saying that Hiddleston’s on his way out of the franchise soon and Kid Loki is set to replace him as the MCU’s new trickster god, we might just be seeing this come to fruition in the near future. After all, the current plan is apparently for Kid Loki to debut in the Loki show, before having a bigger role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

We’re curious though, with a Loki TV series set to debut on Disney Plus, do you think Timothée Chalamet could pull off the part, or is the passing resemblance to Tom Hiddleston not enough for you? Let us know in the comments below!