Cyborg Gets The Wonder Woman 1984 Treatment On New Fan Art


Ok, so chances are that Cyborg would probably be nothing more than a glint in his daddy’s eye in 1984, but this ace new artwork from BossLogic imagines just how the Justice League member might look in the upcoming DCEU sequel Wonder Woman 1984. Or GTA: Vice City The Movie, whichever snaps him up first.

With a Kid n’ Play high top and a pair of classic Ray Bans, he looks all kinds of 80’s here. Throw in an Autobot Transformers neck chain from long before Micheal Bay brought the Bayhem to the ‘bots and a Skynet Tee from The Terminator that’s almost too ironic to be 80’s and you’ve got a Cyborg that could surely get DCEU fans onside. Finally!

Check it out for yourself below:

Largely criticized for his heavily CGI’d appearance and rushed backstory in both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, it’s nice to see some love for Victor Stone here. Of course, there’s also plenty of love for Wonder Woman 1984. Details on its plot and whatnot are relatively sparse at the moment, but set photos and videos are coming in thick and fast, making it arguably the DCEU’s most anticipated release.

A lot of that stems from the return of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor (although how and why he’s back, we know not), some shiny new armor for Diana Prince herself and Kristen Wiig as the big bad of the pic, Barbara Minerva AKA Cheetah. Whether or not we’ll ever get a Cyborg standalone movie remains to be seen, of course, but with Wonder Woman 1984 scheduled to hit theaters on November 1st, 2019, we’re more than happy with our lot at the moment.